How it all started – Blogging

I was interested in blogging way from 2007. I had created a blog in English around 2009 (I don’t remember the name). I think the blog was active for a couple of weeks and I didn’t even post anything. I deleted the blog later.

Then again in 2010, I started a blog in my native language. I started posting very few articles (like 8 articles) in the year 2010. Then the blog went into hiatus (it was me who became lazy to post articles).

Starting this year (2017), I dusted off the blog and wrote a long post saying that I will be active…blah…blah…blah…etc… Then after a week, poof!!! I abandoned the blog.

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about how to follow my interest in blogging even though sometimes I feel lazy opening a laptop and typing something. 

This is when I realize that the real question is not, how to start a blog ? or how to blog continuously? It is how to overcome one’s laziness and pursue the hobbies? Because, my laziness stopped me from going after one of my hobbies.

That’s the moment I have been waiting for all these years. I chose to grasp this and change my mindset on why am I not blogging even though I have a huge interest on the same. Once this thought stroke my mind, I became calm. I took my time to decide on a blog name and a writing platform. I went through almost 200 themes to pick this current blog theme. I was not in a hurry to start off with a post immediately. I took 5-6 days to come up with About page. I waited patiently for the right moment to write the first blog post.

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I know the start will always be quiet and peaceful. It’s the time after the start that is turbulent and chaotic. But, I am confident that this blog will be active and I will be sharing my experiences on how I started to pursue my hobbies simultaneously with a full-time job, family and other things in my life.

Let’s Begin…

I will be posting a series of articles under “How it all started” topic revealing how all my hobbies started and how there was a lapse and how I attempted to restore my interests.


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