Five senses and the art of eating meat

I am not going to demonstrate how to eat meat. But, I am exactly gonna coach you how to awaken your senses the next time you taste it.

It’s a worldwide debate on which is healthier, Vegetarian diet or Non-Vegetarian diet.

Veg vs Non Veg
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Being a non-veg lover and eater, my answer to the above question will always be, “Non-veg food is actual food. Being only a vegetarian is like eating… eating? I won’t even call it eating. They are just trying to exist in this world”.

But, this is not fair, right? Me being a non-veg lover, may not understand the feelings of a vegetarian. So, what can I do to myself, so that I can try to express some words from a vegetable lover point of view? Like most of you guessed, I challenged myself to stay vegetarian, but, for a fixed time period (in my case, it was 2 weeks). I know, this was barely anything. But not eating any meat/fish/even egg for a couple of weeks was tough. If you are a meat lover, you can understand my pain of seeing a plate full of kebab and not touching the same.

Most of my friends were surprised by my change of heart. But, until today, none of them knew the actual reason. It seemed silly, mentioning to them about this article I may write.

Now the changes I felt…

  • To be frank, I hardly felt any change in those 2 weeks.
  • I had an intense desire to eat meat for the first couple of days, but from day 3, eating vegetarian food felt normal.
  • I have a stupid habit of averting some vegetables/food items without even tasting it once. One such item was Paneer. I hate paneer, but in those 2 weeks, I tried paneer tikka and it has become one of my favorite dishes. Just the tikka, not any other paneer items.

So, which is better? Not eating meat for 2 weeks and feeling the above changes or eating the food you love, more than anything? I chose the latter.

Cooking is an art, so is eating. I always felt that all my five senses will be working simultaneously when it comes to food. If you really want to enjoy eating your non-veg food, try the following process next time you eat meat.

  • First, your nose can always smell the aroma of well-cooked meat
  • The optic nerves in your eyes will be searching to see the texture/color of the meat
  • Once you see the roasted meat, you can hear closely, the sizzling sound of the steak and crackling sound of the crust.
  • Then make sure your mouth feels the touch of meat.
  • Finally, the taste buds from the tongue send the signal to the brain, thus fulfilling your taste expectation (slurp!!!)
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So, now coming back to veg or non-veg, I think it’s about the individual’s choice.

After all, it’s always food cycle that keeps the world up and running. Some people must actively eat meat to keep the nature alive and I am one of them.

Well. That’s it. The idea of posting an article and describing the non-veg eating, makes me crave for some classic non-veg food. Let me raid the kitchen and see… Do try the five senses test next time.



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