How machines traveled back in time persuading me to hate photography

Simple. I love photography. Well, who doesn’t? With a series of selfie camera mobile phones, everyone’s a photographer now. But my passion for photography is way beyond time.

There are 4 phases in my life with reference to photography and how it all started. You can call it ABCD of photography. The story starts with A and ends with D. But, my screenplay for you is little different. So think of this like a sci-fi movie and don’t get distracted by time line.

D – Down the road:

We all know for sure that machines will take over mankind in future (after seeing all those movies). I am writing this post in 2017 and already, unknowingly, machines are dominating most of our life. No, I am not going to list out what and where.

Let me cut to the chase. If we have the keen interest in a particular thing, activity or a hobby, we always fantasize about how in future, we will be very successful in that field. I always daydream about being an expert in Photography in the years to come. Whether I move towards achieving this milestone or not? I am not sure. So, in my fantasy, I am an awesome specialist in the field of photography. Like “worldwide known expert”. So, the machines, after taking over mankind, always wanted to diminish my passion for photography. Yes, they have seen the Terminator film series.

Photo source:

A – Afraid:

This was the starting phase in my life of photography (1987-1990). I was a toddler then. I had no idea about anything in this world. My mind and body worked differently. Glittering colourful articles attract me. I always wanted to be with my parents and my granny. Whenever we visit any marriages or gathering, these big oddly shaped things tend to frighten me. Light flashes out of them from time to time. It seemed like they are square monsters with lights, planning to attack me. You can check all my family photos during this time period. My eyes were watering and I was crying and shouting at all of them.

My parents used to tell me that, I was afraid of cameras and cry any moment someone targets a camera at me. Well, now I know for sure, that this was the act of machines from future to shrink my interest towards photography.

B – Beginning:

How it all started? My parents bought a camera around the time I was in 8th grade. It was Canon film roll camera. My father uses it every time we had some school celebrations. I have taken the camera to a couple of school tours and voila, my interested just started booming. I still remember my school tour to zoo taking pictures of all animals. After processing the film, my father advised me to take pictures using a subject/person along with animals in the background, since these are personal memories you store for a lifetime. By the time I started college, I was more than a rookie in photography.

C – Current:

My interest gradually increased and I learned a lot of techniques on photography. Rather than going for a point and shoot, I bought a Nikon D5100 for myself (5 years ago). Over this period of time, I have traveled to a lot of places, taken some good photos, more boring photos etc…

My photos
My own photos

Slowly, my camera usage became limited. One fine day, I got more enthusiasm and challenged myself to take photos regularly. It was daily photo challenge. 365 days, 365 photos. As expected, I failed. Maybe very less dedication. I thought of increasing my commitment to take photos, but 365 seemed a big number. Very recently I chose to start with 1 good photo per week, targeting 52 photos per year. This seems workable and hopefully, I will not fail again. So, if you want to chase your interest in photography, try the weekly challenge, because, between your full-time job, family and hobby, this is a practical solution.

Now, where is my DSLR? Is it in my bedroom wardrobe or in my trolley suitcase on the loft? Let me go and search for it…


3 thoughts on “How machines traveled back in time persuading me to hate photography

    1. Ya… been little busy to click things. Let me check out my gallery and list out how many pictures I have taken so far in this year. Will update soon.



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