Fantastic Fishes and the Fond of Feasting on them

Human thought process has no limits. People wake up in the morning and see a pillow on the bed and end up thinking about party, like one of my thought process below.

Pillow – Soft – Puppy – Walking – Park – Kids – School – Lunch – Biriyani – Street food – Nightlife – Party – and so on…

Sometimes, we will not even know how we arrived at the thought. We have to do a reverse engineering sort of thing to trace our thinking.

I always wanted to express my affection towards eating fish in words. People who know me well can always tell that I like to eat fish at least twice a week.

Greek food
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Now, whenever I think of fish or eating fish, my brain thinks of various memories I have experienced all these years about fish.

1. Visiting fish market early morning:

I hail from the southernmost part of India. My district is located less than 50 km (31 miles) away from the sea-shore. There is no shortage of fresh fish. We used to go to fish market as early as 5:30 in the morning.

Fish Market
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I had observed loads and loads of fresh fish arriving in trucks and unloaded at the market. Even before the sun shows up, people used to show up to buy those fishes.

2.Cleaning of fish:

It takes an expert to clean the fish properly. My mom is one such expert. She properly scales and guts the fish. I used to sit and watch her do this process to each and every fish. Then she rinses and cleans the fish with water. I always joke on the amount of water my mother uses to clean. She would have spent more water for cleaning than that fish swam in the entire lifetime.

Photo source:


3.Roasted fish in Vietnam:

I recently visited Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. During my visit, I had a fish fry and it was out of the world. It was a street shop with fresh fishes, lobster, prawns, frogs and even small turtle on plastic water bins. We can select the fish and the chef will fry in front of you and serve you. We were a group of 3 and we selected a 1 kg fish (2.2 pounds). Check out the before and after photo of our feast.

Fish before vs after


4.Cat guarding fish:

This story was shared by my mom. She spent her entire childhood in a place where eating fish is like a daily habit for the entire family. My grandparents had a cat and my grandmother was a veteran in cleaning fish. She used to clean the fishes at her back yard accompanied by the cat. The crows (raven) around this place have a habit of stealing these fishes if left unattended. My grandmother will leave the cat in charge of protecting the fishes and the cat does that with loyalty. Wow!

5.Going for fishing:

One of my friends shared his experience of going with fishermen into the sea on their boat. He spent a whole night understanding their fishing process. He showed me photos of the fishes they caught and how they cooked and ate those fresh fish in the boat before returning to land. I would love to go on a trip like this and may even try this in future. Let’s hope.

sasint (4)
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Well, my thought process on fish is still much more and I will try to share the second episode.

I have no idea, how I am attracted towards eating fish. But for what it’s worth, sometimes tasting the fish feels divine.

I think my earlier post five senses and the art of eating meat is also applicable for eating fish.

You peel the skin of cooked fish, you grab an ample amount of the flesh, you smell it, put it in your mouth, feel the taste and swallow slowly… (mouth-watering).



  1. Hehe.. are u a Piscean? I too love eating fish as much as I can. Chitra will give company 🙂

    In my opinion, aunt has a lot of patience.. no wonder she cleans fish in that way u described.

    So next time when we meet, we r going for a fish treat somewhere 😉

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