Is technology tempting us to travel or trimming our amazement in exploring?

People desire to travel. With the advent of technology, one can see the whole world from any corner of the earth. But, is it enough? Don’t we all want to experience the places, in person?

Let’s have a small game. Open any search engine (Google, Bing etc…). Type the following.

“Top ________ best places to visit” Fill in the blank with any number between 1 to 100.

You can find pages and pages of results with tons of websites suggesting top places to visit starting from your local area, your country to around the world. Some links will even suggest us to visit these places before we die.

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If we open any of the links, we can see an ample amount of actual photographs/videos of these “best places”. We will be awestruck on seeing them and will sigh with a deep thought in our mind. This thought is universal.

“When are we gonna visit these places and experience the atmosphere in person?”

At this point, I have a small debate inside my head. Technology has revealed me photographs/videos of the place. Will I still be astonished if I visit the place in person? I sure will be happy that I am finally taking a journey to places. But seeing a new place for the first time, who wouldn’t want to capture the amazement in our face.

I usually try to avoid seeing photos and videos of places before visiting. Once such example is my visit to a place called Kolli Hills in South India. We visited this place to experience the waterfall called Akash Ganga. We’ve heard a lot of stories about this place, the waterfall and decided to visit without seeing any photos on the internet. It was a jaw-dropping moment for us, the first time we saw the waterfall. You can experience the majestic appearance of the waterfall in my video here.

Kolli Hills

After reaching the village at the top of the hill, you have to walk down another hill (like 1100 steps) into the valley to see and bathe in the waterfall. The experience was awesome. A little tiresome while we climbed back the hill, but we really enjoyed our trip to Kolli Hills.

Now, if I had already seen the videos of the waterfall, I’m positive that I would have enjoyed the trip, but never surprised on seeing it in person. The experience was priceless.

We are born to be explorers. History says…

Mankind came out of caves – explored forests – cruise across seas – discovered new lands – flown through skies – exploring space and God knows what’s next.

With the usage of technology today, mankind are least explorers. We are more like leisure travelers, having researched everything before visiting places. Sometimes, I also do the same.


I aspire to be an explorer rather than a traveler.

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  1. I think people travel more nowadays with the advent of technologies.. Our urge to travel gets boosted by the pics and videos we get to see online. Also modes if transport are becoming easier day by day.. Happy traveling…..sorry exploring 🙂

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