Hobbies are dying out. Enough slurping on computer screen. Let’s cook!

Yes. Cooking is a significant hobby to me and I have strong interest towards food. I am following a large number of food blogs and dozens of foods related YouTube channels.

cutting board

There are over a billion websites in this world and as on today, millions and millions of them are about food, cuisine, recipes etc… Of course, food is an integral part of everyone’s life. It tops the list of basic needs for humans.

All these blogs will surely have titles related to food (like kitchen, cooking, cuisine, home cooking, traditional cooking, my kitchen, your kitchen and so on…) Food blogs are more popular with a greater number of followers.

My question to all the food followers out there in the blogosphere, “Have any of you actually tried cooking these dishes at home?” I am not asking this question to budding chefs and homemakers who try to impress their family with different menu items. I am asking to people like me, who are working on a full-time job and attempting to indulge themselves in their hobbies.

So my answer to my question is, “No, I haven’t tried any of the recipes I read on blogs or watch on YouTube. I just stare at my laptop/mobile screen and adore the mouth-watering dishes.”

It’s not like, I started cooking recently just to have a hobby or to keep up with the surge of foodies. Cooking is my passion. My interest towards cooking started 17 years ago. I was one of the budding chefs as I mentioned above and I used to impress my family with my cooking ability. But now, with the world spinning continuously, with advanced technology, with increased responsibilities, my life evolved. I am not able to give 2 hours for cooking, out of 168-hour week.


So this is my challenge. I am gonna try and nurture my lifetime hobby of cooking. How?

  • I am gonna try and cook at least 1 dish every week.
  • I will be blogging about the dish I cooked, with photos and some story.
  • To start with, I am just gonna try my basic known recipes. No complications initially.
  • I will not be posting the recipes for my dishes because they will be readily available somewhere on the blogosphere.
  • Later, I will start trying out recipes from the blogs I follow (of course with a pingback)

I will be calling this as “Cooking Challenge”. I strongly encourage fellow bloggers to take up a challenge and start pursuing your hobbies rather than getting sucked into mechanical life.


Photo sources: unsplash.com & pexels.com


4 thoughts on “Hobbies are dying out. Enough slurping on computer screen. Let’s cook!

  1. It’s sad. With all the fast food, frozen foos and hot-off-the-heat-lamp counter food available, many people have opted out of cooking food for themselves. There is a great benefit in cooking, especially since you know what goes in it versus all these prepackaged goods. Kudos to you on taking up on the challenge.

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