Life goes on. Let’s make it fascinating

Imagine our life full of joy, pride, relief and satisfaction without any hindrances.

We can’t, right?

I know, I can’t.

But I can try and march towards peace of mind by doing things I adore.

How and When am I gonna do these things? I honestly don’t know. But, I felt it is always good to have a bucket list of things, which I love to do in my life.


This list is based on all of my hobbies. As life goes on, the list will be checked off and extended regularly. I will share the story of how I completed each thing on the list.

Some of my favorites are

  • Make Lasagna
  • Join a weekend culinary class
  • Open a small, part-time, weekend food joint
  • Visit wonders of the world
  • Go for fishing into sea
  • Capture a shooting star
  • Go to an international film festival
  • Publish a novel
  • Do a stand-up comedy show on a pub open night

I hope to make time in my life to fulfill all the things on my bucket list.

I urge my fellow bloggers to make a list for yourself and take up time in our busy lives to do something we are passionate about.

Do check out the complete list here.

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  1. I love your shortlist of things to achieve in a lifetime… Many achievable and many more challenging. I wonder how you are getting on… I’ve never made a bucket list, rather been swept along by the tide of unplanned (and obviously some planned) events. But I agree, it is probably wise to have some idea of where you are heading…

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