Tomato Egg Fry – W02 Cooking Challenge

This is the second week of my weekly cooking challenge. As said earlier, I am starting off with simple dishes and move towards complicated dishes from other blogs.

It’s been a habit in the southernmost part of India, when you get married, your close friends and relatives will invite you to their home for a feast. This feast usually comprises of varieties of meat dishes and biryanis.

Tomato Egg Fry

This story is about one such instant when my newly married parents (in the year 1986) visited one of my father’s friend’s home for lunch. The menu was widely spread with lots of lamb dishes and rice items.

My mother, even though a non-veg eater, does eat only fish and egg dishes. The mutton and chicken dishes she prepares at home tastes out of the world, but she hadn’t tasted meat from her childhood.

After seeing the feast with full of lamb dishes, she was in a bit of shock and disclosed quietly to everyone that she does not eat meat. Now, everyone including my father was in a bit of shock. No one knew this.

Immediately, the wife of my father’s friend understood that my mother like egg dishes and prepared a quick tomato egg fry and thus this recipe entered our home with a good story to tell our future generations.

The recipe is simple. Just sauté tomatoes in oil until it becomes mushy. Season with chili powder, salt and a pinch of coriander powder. Add a couple of eggs to the boiling mixture and wait till the yolk cooks completely. You can serve with roti, chapati or rice.


Let me think about what to cook next week.

If anyone wants me to try out your recipes, do let me know in the comments. I will scout your blog and pick a recipe that I love to cook.



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