Flashback story of my Father’s first watch and how it inspired me to travel

I love traveling. I love exploring. I love interacting with different people. I love tasting native cuisines. But, how it all started? How did I get inspiration to travel to various places and meet people?

Tomorrow’s Father’s day. I am certain that all Father’s influence their kid’s life. You all would remember how my father helped me participate in the intra-school exhibition. There are many such instances where he inspired me to take up challenges.

This is me and my son.

One such example is how he bought his first wrist watch?

It was the early ’70s. There was an elderly trader (uncle) in my father’s village (located at the southern tip of India). He used to travel to nearby islands for trading. Since the luggage will be huge, he would take help from the village lads and encourage them to travel with him to those islands. One fine day, he asked my father to travel with him to Katchatheevu which is a small group of islands located between India and Srilanka. It was free travel, food and money. My father agreed.

Photo source: unsplash.com

They embarked on a boat for an 180 km (112 miles) journey across sea along with trading commodities. They started selling and exchanging things soon after they reached Katchatheevu’s trading market. This was when a strange thing happened.

A foreign traveler (my father can’t remember his country) came to my father and felt his t-shirt and showed a hand gesture that he liked the T-shirt. Since my father doesn’t know his language, he just smiled and acknowledged. Then the traveler expressed his interest in having the T-shirt and in exchange, he would give his gold ring. Yes, you read it correctly. He wanted to exchange his gold ring for my father’s T-shirt. I checked it was 200 rupees for 10 grams of gold during the early ’70s.

My father was hesitant to exchange, but the uncle asked him to accept the trade. So my father gave his t-shirt to the traveler and got a gold ring for the same. After returning back to the village, he sold the gold ring and bought his first ever wrist watch for the money. It was an old HMT key watch showing day and date option.

As far as I remember, it was the only watch my father has worn. Around the year 1998, my father has stopped using watches and this watch was lying idle (you can say “time wasting”). So I started using this HMT watch and this was my first watch too. I used it for about 3-4 years, did a lot of R&D and broke it a few times. I am not sure, where the watch is now. But, this is a good story to tell our future generations.

Nowadays, we can trade items, buy and swap things within a click of a button. But ever wonder, the feeling you get, when you travel to places for trading things and visit markets for buying items.

This story of my father’s travel is such an inspiration to me for traveling to unknown places and interacting with different culture.

Photo source: pexels.com

After all these years, he is still inspiring me with his ideas and common sense logic which I would have never learned in books and school. I am pretty sure, my mother will be happy reading this post and a little furious that I did not write a post on Mother’s day last month. But we all know how we love mothers. Right?


  1. Really a nice article bro , i always can feel that both Mom and Dad were a great strength and inspiration for you and Ashok’s Life and Career success . Lot to go . Stay blessed and happy . Hope you will find that Watch and keep it safe 🙂

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