Beyond Raksha Bandhan – The Experience and Enjoyment of brotherhood

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I haven’t really understood the Raksha Bandhan festival. I mean, I don’t have a sister and haven’t really experienced this festival.

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I googled to check about any brotherhood/sisterhood celebrations. But ended up finding that there is a Siblings day in the USA around April every year.

Hence tempted to write this post about my experience and enjoyment of brotherhood.

We all love our siblings. Whether it is our brother or sister, we like to play with them, we like to fight with them, we like to play pranks with them, we like to encourage them, we like to comfort them, we like to give advice to them and so on…

Well, I don’t have a sister. But I have a younger brother.

There is saying in the Tamil language.

“தம்பியுடையான் படைக்கஞ்சான்”

Which means

“He, who has a younger brother, will not fear for an army”

The above saying is explained as a result of epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha. In both the legends, it was the younger brother/s who stood by the protagonist, supported them and helped them gain victory. Yay!!!

Anyhow, I am not going to face any war in this life. But, I can count support from my brother anytime for tough situations.

Now, back to my thought process. My memories of my brother.

1.The Newborn:

I and my brother are 5.5 years apart. I was in first grade then. The hospital he born is near my school. My father took me to see him after my school hours. As I walked into the room, he was there lying near to my sitting grandmother, wrapped in some blanket. Even after 25 years, I still remember his big eyes rolling and seeing me.


2.Playing Cricket & Drinking Milo:

I and my brother used to play cricket inside our house. We will sit on either side of the room and play cricket using a small bat and ball. We both will be playing for 2 teams (like 10 wickets for each of us). During innings break, we used to drink hot Milo which was one of our favourite drinks then. We have fought over a lot for playing the video games too…

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3.Comic books:

We love reading Tamil comic books. Our father used to buy 2 books every time so that we don’t fight with each other for, who is gonna read the book first. We used to sit with a meal on the right side and a comic book on our left hand and read the stories as well as eating. We are a huge fan of Phantom comics.

Rani Comics 332 Phantom Sura Vettai Cover_thumb[1]
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4.Sobbing over dancing:

Life moved on, I completed my studies and moved to Bangalore for Job. My brother joined college. He is a very good dancer. His first dance performance in his college was cut short halfway because of limited time for other events. He got upset and called me over the phone and started crying. I had no clue what happened. He then explained me. I started laughing that he was crying over a petty issue. I comforted him and told him to move on. He moved on and there were so many performances and accolades till date.

5.My Cooking:

I am lazy to do some things. Sometimes lazy enough to stop pursuing my hobbies. He is one of the reasons that my hobbies are still alive. I feel lazy to cook sometimes, but when my brother wanted me to cook a dish for him, I will try and cook a meal for him. He is one of my best critics. Well, he doesn’t know to cook. The best thing he can make in our kitchen is to heat a bowl of water with instructions from my mother over the phone. That’s all.

There are much more memories. I will try to share some humorous encounters by both of us in next episode.

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He is the younger one and I have ordered him to do many things for me (like bring me a cup of water, water the plants in the garden, pick me up after party etc…). Maybe it’s a guy thing that we never expressed our affection for each other. However, we never hesitated to support each other. 

There may not be a special festival for celebrating our brotherhood, but, we always have enjoyed each and every moment in our life and will continue to do so…



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