Garlic & Chilli Anchovy – W03 Cooking Challenge

I know, it’s been 4 months since I wrote my last blog post. One way or the other, my habit of blogging and looking out for inspiring blogs had been delayed. My Weekly Cooking Challenge had not taken off since the first two weeks of August 2017.

Finally, I decided to continue my blogging again starting with a cooking challenge. In this brief haitus, I cooked a lot of food, prepared a veg pizza, lemon tart etc…, but I failed to capture my cooking into my blog.

I love sea food. So for this week’s cooking challenge, I chose to try out a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s youtube channel. The dish was prepared by Bart from Fish Tales. Now, Bart had prepared this dish with prawns, which I tried and overwhelmed with the taste of the dish. I wanted to try out the same dish with Indian Anchovies (Nethili or Netholi, as we call in South India).  You can fid the recipe here.

Photo 04

The taste was good. But the dish was definitely better with prawns. My mother did the cleaning part of the fish and I completed the dish as per the recipe. It doesn’t even taken much time to prepare the dish. Do try it out.

Photo 01

Photo 02


Photo 03

If anyone wants me to try out your recipes, do let me know in the comments. I will scout your blog and pick a recipe that I love to cook.


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