Tasting Mutton Haleem with an evening spent in Ramzan Food Mela

I have always wanted to visit Ramzan Food Mela in Koramangala. Being in Bangalore for about 10 years and haven’t visited this place during Ramzan month can tell more about my laziness and trying to avoid the crowd. Finally, the day came, where I visited the Food Mela in spite of rainy weather in Bangalore.

Ramzan Food Mela

I knew that I will face 2 difficulties during my dinner trip to Koramangala.

  1. Finding a good spot for your bike or car parking
  2. There will be a hell lot of food and you will be in a dilemma what to choose.

The 1st Cross road was crowded with a lot of cars and bikes and taxis as expected for a Saturday night. Found the right parking space for my 2 wheeler and walked the remaining 300 meters to reach the Food Mela. An anticipated crowd of people was already diving their way into the closed Mela area. There were various stalls and a lot of food items to taste. If you are a non-veg lover, your eyes will become wide and bright like the latest 18:9 aspect ratio mobile screens. The crowd was too much, I was not able to take pictures of the stalls.

Well, let me start listing the items I tasted and how it was…

Mutton Haleem: I have always wanted to taste Hyderabad Haleem. It’s even in my Bucket List, though I didn’t get a chance to visit Hyderabad any time. The Mutton Haleem I tasted here was quite good. You can sense the mutton aroma and melted taste in your mouth even after eating.

1. Mutton Haleem

My thought process took me to my childhood where my father used to buy Haleem when he returns back from office during Ramzan month.

Chicken Hariyali Kabab: Very soft chicken and the spices were distributed.

2. Chicken Hariyali Kabab

Mutton Kheema Pav and Kheema Stuffed Paratha: I made a mistake by buying Kheema twice, though both the items were tasty and mind-blowing. The bun given with the mutton kheema was so sweet that my wife didn’t like it.


Chicken Satay & Basa Fillet Fry: Too much mutton items, we decided to try Chicken satay and basa fish. As expected, basa fish was soft and melting in the mouth. The Satay was so so…

Sponge cake & Custard Bread: We were 3 people and already full of the above food. So we decided to switch to the desert and is one of the best decisions that night. The Sponge cake was soaked in sweet milk and out of world taste.

The cream and custard bread were evenly good and we loved it too…

Lemon Juice: A special section was given to Lemon juice because the most important thing about all the dishes above is “all the food items were expensive, like very very expensive for the quantity provided” For example, the lemon juice, which has lemon, water, sugar, and some ice cubes is 50 rupees. That’s huge for a small table shop.

The taste of all the above items was so good. We also wanted to taste the roasted quail and assorted liver fry, but I felt that the needs of our stomach is already satisfied. I have heard that Fraser town is best for Ramzan food. Hope to try it this season. Let’s see…

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